Contract Loading - Service Type Cloud Library

Jackie Simpson, Charles Hough, Xin Hu
Plano, TX
12:55 PM CST

Create a service type cloud library that greatly reduces the tedious and overly complicated process of managing service type definitions required for both new contracts and contract updates.

The first aspect of this is design that furthers the decomposition of the monolithic legacy system, increasing service orientation and reducing overall system complexity and duplication of logic and data across multiple platforms. The second aspect pertains to technology. Utilizing Cosmos DB to store the service type library will allow us to leverage its high availability and scalability characteristics as we combine data elements from over 300 contract repositories into a global data store. In addition, leveraging the similar characteristics of Azure App Insights as we will be executing work in one service that is performed today across dozens of CBO processing nodes. Both of these align with the product’s dual long term architectural goals of decomposing the system (to increase stability and decrease time to deliver client value) and increasing the product’s ability to scale.
Business Value: 
By rethinking the relationship between contract profiles and service definitions, we can greatly simplify the process of service type maintenance and provide greater flexibility to manage client transitions. This addresses a longstanding business need to expedite contract loading and to make the functionality more readily accessible.