Bringing Water to the Horse - Changing the Learning Paradigm

Ron Gardner, Kim Gallagher, Jit Sivalogan, Jacquie Czitrom
Plano, TX
1:35 PM CST

What if there was a way to eliminate the fear, anxiety and frustration that clients experience when implementing new technology and replace those emotions with confidence? This isn’t a dream, it’s a reality with Performance Support—which brings education and support content directly to a user inside our solutions. Better educated users will drive product adoption, valuable outcomes for our clients, and “stickiness” with nThrive.

The technology innovation is to embed contextual assistance/learning for the user (guided help, tutorials, job aids, etc.) directly into our software solutions so that it is easily accessed and flows naturally with their work. It helps clients optimize adoption of our solutions, provides a way for new users to learn our technologies and keeps users in our software vs. having to go to other locations for knowledge.
Business Value: 
Performance Support can help to significantly drive usage and adoption of our solutions and client satisfaction/retention. It reduces nThrive's cost to support our software solutions by deflecting support calls and reducing retraining needs. It also streamlines our process of developing content to educate our clients which saves both time and money.