The Most Interesting "Tech" We Don't Use at nThrive

Jon Freeman
Sr. Sw. Architect
Plano, TX
9:55 AM CST

Find out what you've been missing! Like an ice cream shop with just two flavors: vanilla and chocolate, nThrive has just two major tools when it comes to processing and extracting value from our data. Data is no longer silo'd and both customers and executives are asking us to find the linkages and more value in our streams. Come learn how a new and upcoming technology, in use by almost all the major stores, banks, and social sites you use has never made it at nThrive. I will demo three unique ways we can use this technology to solve critical business problems.

The technology I will demo goes beyond loose correlations and static "relations" of RDBMS systems. It allows any two pieces of information to be linked, and those relationships to be walked to an unlimited number of steps. Rich visualization can also allow us to go beyond simple graphs and really start to answer touch questions.
Business Value: 
There are three main use cases where I see this technology helping in all of our products. 1) Static rules engine replacement, 2) Democratization and enhancement of data analysis by rank-and-file engineers, and 3) Customer productivity & operational efficiency improvement.