Tracking Feature Usage with Application Insights

Fredrick Robehmed
Software Engineer
Plano, TX
10:35 AM CST

This presentation will show how CCA has made use of Application Insights to track the ways our users are using our new web application. It will also show how we are able to retrieve this information in an easy-to-read format. I’ll also start with a broad overview of what Application Insights is and will end with other features of it that might be used in the future.

We created an App Insights resource in Azure, hooked its key into the new web application, and then attached feature-specific tracking around the code that needed to be tracked. We are not only tracking which features are being used, but how they are being used (e.g. when tracking a new resolution, we also track what kind of resolution it is and which rule is being corrected).
Business Value: 
This tracking can help the team get a better understanding of how our application is being used. That will help us to see if certain work needs to be prioritized, see if our current maximum and minimum limitations make sense, and see if certain features are not being used (leading us to consider whether it is not useful or simply not understood).