Client Insurance Master - From conception to product roadmap

Taylor Bynum
Product Manager
Plano, TX
Day 2
1:45 PM

Few areas of the revenue cycle can have a bigger impact on the patient to payment cycle than choosing the correct payer. Contract terms, patient out of pocket cost, editing, and many other variables are determined by which payer selected. Therefore, maintaining accurate and consistent payer information across technologies is crucial for both quick and accurate payment, gauging performance analytics, and executing service delivery.

As nThrive continues its quest in revolutionizing the patient to payment delivery model, it is even more crucial for our technologies to share payer configuration and data so we can make smarter and more efficient decisions. In addition, as we look to drive down support costs, moving payer configuration support as a client self-service option could save thousands of hours and dollars in support costs every year.

The ideal solution to this problem is to build a central repository that both technologies, services, and eventually clients can plug into. The repository provides a one stop shop for insurance configuration, service best practices and data monitoring and trending. Learn how Payer Nucleus can drive nThrive’s success as we continue to grow our P2P model.