Centralized Integration

Erik Amble & Merrill "Merf" Fratkin
SVP, Software Development / Architect
Phoenix, AZ
Day 1
4:15 PM

Erik and Merf are going to talk about their experience at Adreima where the application platform was highly centralized and support 12 services, ranging from Eligibility Enrollment to Insurance Follow up and Clinical.
Auditing. This allowed the development team to focus on the 20% of features and functions that were unique to each service line and leverage a single common architecture for the 80% of security, consistent workflows, demographics, payer codes, etc. that were common to all service lines. Of course, this architecture was not without its own pitfalls and challenges, which will be outlined as well.
As we grow, there will be opportunities to think about additional services such as Eligibility Verification, Claim Status, Predictive Dialing, Letter Processing, Propensity to Pay, etc., in a more centralized and consumable fashion. We will delve deeper into one example.