Building nThrive's first customer facing, 100% Azure Cloud PaaS Application

Jon Freeman & Kevin Smith
Sr Sw Architect & VP Product Management
Seattle, WA & Alpharetta, GA
Day 2
1:45 PM

Faced with a changing hospital patient accounting system landscape and heavy legacy technology investments, CDM Master had to make a dramatic change in direction to survive in our market beyond 2017. Learn how we went from being the oldest ship-in-the-fleet, to now touting some of the newest technology and development processes. Come see how our reorganized team is actively building nThrive's first customer-facing, 100% Azure Cloud-based, 100% Platform-as-a-Service product offering. We'll be discussing and demoing many of Azure's newest features like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Function Apps, Azure Search, Azure Service Bus, and even some helpful lessons in navigating our IT organization. Finally, we'll wrap up with a segment on little-known Azure limitations - so you won't have to experience them on your own!