A platform-first machine learning layer within nThrive Analytics by which nThrive can leverage at scale.

George Ortiz
Vice President, Engineering
Layton, OK
Day 1
1:45 PM

There are pockets machine learning across nThrive. From Commercial Advisory, Episode of Care, Charge Capture Analytics, to the other initiatives being lead by our Data Science team. Currently, these pockets are disparate in chosen technology stacks and methodologies. Learning and iteration towards efficiency is siloed within each pocket. This produces a lower yield and increases the cost to produce market leading machine learning solutions across the organization. For nThrive Tech Days, we'll be looking to establish a central repository of machine learning content and best practices to help bring alignment and help scale efforts across nThrive. Additionally, we'll be hosting a project submission form for machine learning that colleagues can utilize to route problem sets and potential solutions primed for machine learning to our Data Science team. Further, we'll be centralizing tool sets for prototyping machine learning models within the platform with connections to our data warehouse. This strategic alignment for machine learning on nThrive Analytics will help to drive a unified approach and get solutions to market faster and at scale.