nQuire - nThrive Chatbot Technology

Lei Wu and Zhe Hu
Software Architect
Plano, TX
Day 2
09:45 AM

The key to increase sales and customer loyalty is by improving our customer’s experience.

Using chatbot technology, nThrive can build a deeper relationship with customers by allowing them to easily interact with us through stimulated conversations.

Customers want immediate response to their questions. They want to be empowered to handle challenges on their own until they’re run into a road block. Only then will they require assistance from a real live person.

With that in mind, we built nQuire to handle simple tasks and routines such as guiding users how to perform a function in the step-by-step process. With nQuire’s help we can build a 24x7 customer support model.

This will allow our support organization to focus on more complex questions that need serious analysis.
As more and more healthcare companies are using Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Mobile and AI technologies, let us show you how nQuire use the same technologies to help our customers.