2018 Tech Day Presenters

Below are the final presenters for Tech Day 2018.
Didn't get to submit your idea in time? Don't worry, we will be having another Tech Day very soon!

Name / Photo Description Day @ Time (CDT)
Jon Freeman
Sr. Sw. Architect
The Most Interesting "Tech" We Don't Use at nThrive

Find out what you've been missing! Like an ice cream shop with just two flavors: vanilla and chocolate, nThrive has just two major tools when it comes to processing and extracting value from our data. Data is no longer silo'd and both customers and executives are asking us to find the linkages and more value in our streams. Come learn how a new and upcoming technology, in use by almost all the major stores, banks, and social sites you use has never made it at nThrive. I will demo three unique ways we can use this technology to solve critical business problems.

8.7.2018 @
9:55 AM CST
Fredrick Robehmed
Software Engineer
Tracking Feature Usage with Application Insights

This presentation will show how CCA has made use of Application Insights to track the ways our users are using our new web application. It will also show how we are able to retrieve this information in an easy-to-read format. I’ll also start with a broad overview of what Application Insights is and will end with other features of it that might be used in the future.

8.7.2018 @
10:35 AM CST
David Meyer, Sarah Foust, Franco Abott
Development of Hybridized Interactive AI Solutions for Healthcare

AI solutions can be improved and expanded when human decision-making is included in the process.

8.7.2018 @
11:15 AM CST
Brad Cook, MBA, CHFP
Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management
A Client's Perspective on Innovation 8.7.2018 @
12:15PM CST
Jackie Simpson, Charles Hough, Xin Hu
Contract Loading - Service Type Cloud Library

Create a service type cloud library that greatly reduces the tedious and overly complicated process of managing service type definitions required for both new contracts and contract updates.

8.7.2018 @
12:55 PM CST
Ron Gardner, Kim Gallagher, Jit Sivalogan, Jacquie Czitrom
Bringing Water to the Horse - Changing the Learning Paradigm

What if there was a way to eliminate the fear, anxiety and frustration that clients experience when implementing new technology and replace those emotions with confidence? This isn’t a dream, it’s a reality with Performance Support—which brings education and support content directly to a user inside our solutions. Better educated users will drive product adoption, valuable outcomes for our clients, and “stickiness” with nThrive.

8.7.2018 @
1:35 PM CST
Justin Bender, Isida Drake
Crankin' Content

How to use technology to develop content at speeds competitors struggle keeping up with.

8.7.2018 @
2:15 PM CST
James Shebester, Kalyan Das, Leslie Banks, Sravan Reddipalli
NextGen Data Integration with Cloud Services

Our presentation will illustrate how Client Data Exchange is innovating in Azure to create a common vision and platform for the company as well as defining the data strategy and governance for nThrive as a whole for years to come.

8.7.2018 @
2:55 PM CST
Andrew Woughter
Business Case Development: Innovation Ideas

Andrew will discuss how you can submit your innovations and nThrive's innovation pipeline.

8.7.2018 @
3:35 PM CST