2017 Winners

Technology Days 2017 was a great success
Here are a list of the winning presentations:

Technology Drive

Out of the box architecture – Opens new space we have not explored before
New technology or algorithms – Use of new or cutting edge tech that nThrive isn’t using today
Disruptive – Eliminates more than one technologies and replaces it with a single technology solution

1st Place Kalyan Das and Thuong Le
Hi Alexa
2nd Place Zhe Hu & Lei Wu
nThrive Chatbot Technology
3rd Place Kalyan and Chris Brown
PAS Command Center
Business Focus

Effectiveness – Can we earn $1 more by doing something new and not just doing it faster or more efficient
Marketing Alignment – Can we create something that creates buzz in a current or new sector.

1st Place Taspa Alagarsamy & Sanner Barnes
Using Azure Cloud Services for Repricing Claims
2nd Place Vishnu Galigekere, Davis Gregory & Radhika Mandava
Leveraging Machine Learning algorithms & Patient attributes to create patient centric services, Does it make a difference?
3rd Place Scott Briercheck
Advancing the cultural adoption of Machine Learning.
Collaborative Environment

Legacy Cross Pollination – Working with legacy platform teams from other parts of the organization in an effort to use one legacy company’s technology solution in another legacy company’s going forward solution
Engaging with multiple-disciplined teams (e.g., IT, Service Delivery) to improve the direction of the idea and focus it

1st Place  Jon Freeman & Kevin Smith
Building nThrive's first customer facing, 100% Azure Cloud PaaS Application
2nd Place Todd Ward
Building a DevOps Culture at nThrive, why failure is awesome!
3rd Place Russell Durham
Bridging the divide between a legacy windows app to a new web application.

October 4th and 5th, 2017

WHAT IS Technology Days 2017?
Technology Days 2017 is an nThrive-sponsored event to stretch what is possible through innovation and hard work. Drawing on presenters from across nThrive, we hope to showcase and highlight how empowering people can solve the difficult problems in healthcare. Our CEO, Joel Hackney, and President of Solutions, Chris Skiffington, will be speaking about what innovation means at nThrive.

Click here to watch our "What does Innovation mean to You?" 

HOW CAN you help?
We need volunteers to do the following:
1. Present topics
2. Serve as room monitors and presentation time aides.
3. Help refine topics and presentation.
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