2017 Keynote Speakers

Joel Hackney

Joel is chief executive officer for nThrive. With more than 25 years of experience leading both private and public companies domestically and abroad, Hackney brings deep expertise in driving business transformation and profitable growth. Joel believes ALL people deserve the opportunity for a healthy, happy life and loves working to make that a reality.

Sloan Clardy

Sloan leads technology and services research and design, product/service development, management and solutions marketing, as well as the company’s value-based reimbursement solutions.

Panelist Roundtable

Andrew Woughter (Host)

As Senior Vice President for Product Strategy, Andrew Woughter leads innovation and future direction for our technology portfolio. Andrew is a proven revenue cycle executive with 15+ years of experience in healthcare organizations and governmental regulation of health insurance. He has led revenue cycle teams for a broad variety of provider types, and has significant experience working with software and services vendors to improve revenue cycle processes and solutions. Andrew worked closely with our company as a client to provide feedback and advice on the product road map based on the needs of the revenue cycle marketplace. He has demonstrated success through strategic vision and innovation and development of custom tools to enhance revenue cycle solutions.

Merrill "Merf" Fratkin

Merf was introduced to health care in his work as a strategic and operations consultant at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. Merf was the former CIO (twice) of Adreima. Merf has had several other roles at Adreima while the company grew from 23 employees in 2003 to just under 1,000. In fact he has most of those business cards (8 total) still on the shelf in his office. As the Senior Vice President of Software Development, Merrill has led and is leading several interdisciplinary teams across the enterprise in strategic platform integration.

Scott Briercheck

Scott Briercheck is currently the Chief Scientist at nThrive, and is currently dedicated to working on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions for all phases of the revenue cycle. Scott has twenty-five years of experience successfully leading organizations in AI, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Architecture across both Healthcare and Industry, and in both Startup and Mature industry environments.

Cory Carrigan

Cory Carrigan is the VP of Operations for nThrive Analytics. He was the former Chief Operating Officer for Equation and has spent his entire 15-year career in health care roles focused on providing value to clients using data analytics. Over the last 10 years, his focus has been to help guide the analytics business from conception to market dominance. His passions include creating the best revenue cycle analytics in the world, his wife and five children, and fly fishing in the beautiful Utah mountains.

Brad Allen


Mike Bent

Began healthcare experience with McKesson Claim Auditing in 1999. Joined IRP->Innovative Health Solutions (IHS)->Besler->Brijon Consulting in Nov 2003 when given responsibility for iSeries and IBM z/OS development, Payer and Hospital clients. May 2005 given full non-Windows platform development and client support when manager retired. Expanded support to Unix, AIX, Java and C#. Lead Software Engineer with Accuro, MedAssets and nThrive working with Ellen Pikovsky and John Mauro (in addition to the 6 other Team members) to produce customized client solutions across and within platforms.

Charles Hough

Charles Hough is a Senior Solutions Architect and the Product Family Architect for the Contract Management suite of products. In 2002 he joined IMaCS , which later become Accuro before being acquired by MedAssets. Since then he has served a variety of technical and leadership roles around CM and has participated, sponsored, or led a series of transformational projects for the product, including Multiple Reimbursement Calculations and Distributed Modeling. Charles believes strongly in the value of the nThrive solution set in that it makes a significant and positive contribution to healthcare by attending to its financial health.