2017 Tech Day Presenters

Name / Photo Description Day @ Time (CDT)

Todd Ward

Solutions Engineer, IT
Building a DevOps Culture at nThrive, why failure is awesome!

DevOps is not something you do, it’s something you ARE. Here we will discuss various cultural changes needed to move to a more DevOps and collaborative culture, highlighting the good things we have already done, the bad things we do, and how both are critical for our next steps of building out this new way of collaboration. How to change from a pathological and bureaucratic organization that places blame to mistakes, to moving us to a generative and collaborative company that shares accountability and learns together from failure.

Day 1 @ 1:00 PM

John Just

VP, Technical Services
Integrating Education courses with other nThrive products via API and SSO

Leverage nThrive Education in your products by utilizing an SSO and API to launch education from your product. This presentation will show examples of the latest best practice in online education integrated into products for “just in time” learning that drives continued usage and best practice for use of your solution. The focus of this presentation is for product training and nThrive solutions online training.

Day 1 @ 1:00 PM

Kalyan Das/Thuong Le

Architect & VP, Software Dev
Hi Alexa

Just ask Alexa, how much a knee surgery cost in Dallas, and you would be amazed by her new skill. Come join us, how we integrated care Pricer estimate to Alexa with cutting edge technologies; AWS lambda, dynamo db, Type script, Mocha and Chai testing.

Day 1 @ 1:45 PM

George Ortiz

Vice President, Engineering
A platform-first machine learning layer within nThrive Analytics by which nThrive can leverage at scale.

There are pockets machine learning across nThrive. From Commercial Advisory, Episode of Care, Charge Capture Analytics, to the other initiatives being lead by our Data Science team. Currently, these pockets are disparate in chosen technology stacks and methodologies. Learning and iteration towards efficiency is siloed within each pocket. This produces a lower yield and increases the cost to produce market leading machine learning solutions across the organization. For nThrive Tech Days, we'll be looking to establish a central repository of machine learning content and best practices to help bring alignment and help scale efforts across nThrive. Additionally, we'll be hosting a project submission form for machine learning that colleagues can utilize to route problem sets and potential solutions primed for machine learning to our Data Science team. Further, we'll be centralizing tool sets for prototyping machine learning models within the platform with connections to our data warehouse. This strategic alignment for machine learning on nThrive Analytics will help to drive a unified approach and get solutions to market faster and at scale.

Day 1 @ 1:45 PM

Mark Fussell

Manager of Application Development
Propensity to Pay in Bad Debt and Self-Pay

The most difficult part about billing is not knowing who will pay. The better we are at isolating the people who are likely to pay, the greater the efficiency and effectiveness in performing our services.
Currently, we use a combination of prior payment history and insurance coverage to predict the likelihood of payment. However, we are answering the call of innovation by creating a new model that uses the more than a decade of data specific to collections to come up with a new prediction score.
With a predictor score based on historical performance of similar demographics (where the patient lives, the type of visit, etc.), we hope to drive down costs and drive up collections.

Day 1 @ 2:45 PM

Laura Li

Sr. Software Architect
Monitoring Web Application Availability and Responsiveness in Application Insights in Azure

Application availability and responsiveness are important factors that we need to focus on for our products. Microsoft has built out functionality in their Azure Cloud that addresses these important areas. This TechDay session will present the design and implementation of Application Insights for monitoring availability and responsiveness utilizing the Azure Cloud. It will include a working demo of the system in Azure and the capabilities that can be provided to our products.

Day 1 @ 2:45 PM

Scott Briercheck

Chief Scientist
Advancing the cultural adoption of Machine Learning

There is a growing need in health care to find the answers to tough financial and health care problems from the massive quantities of data that hospitals and governments are collecting. Machine Learning delivered on scalable, parallel big data infrastructure offers a dual path to the solution, addressing both the performance and the data understanding needs in one combined solution.

In our project, we propose to advance the cultural adoption of Machine Learning at nThrive by providing a Machine Learning Interface and Big Data framework that simplifies the “ask” when a services or solutions team wants to evaluate the suitability of their data for Machine Learning.

Day 1 @ 3:30 PM

Shawn Clark

Software Architect
New MicroServices, Node.js implementation of Knowledge Source

Shawn is presenting a new microservices, Node.js implementation of Knowledge Source which is not only more scalable, but much faster than the current solution. This solution utilizes the hapi.js framework to create a microservices architecture. It has create a RESTful implementation of the services provided by ICS. It provides a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity due to it's more streamlined nature.

Day 1 @ 3:30 PM

Taspa Alagarsamy

Using Azure Cloud Services for Repricing Claims

In this presentation, we will talk about using some of the features provided by Azure Cloud Services to solve server side problems such as performance and scalability. We will discuss about leveraging Azure Service Fabric and Azure Batch to reprice claims in large scale with reduced cost and overheads. A demonstration of these concepts with a prototype using Azure Batch will be presented.

Day 1 @ 4:15 PM

Erik Amble & Merrill "Merf" Fratkin

SVP, Software Development / Architect
Centralized Integration

Erik and Merf are going to talk about their experience at Adreima where the application platform was highly centralized and support 12 services, ranging from Eligibility Enrollment to Insurance Follow up and Clinical.
Auditing. This allowed the development team to focus on the 20% of features and functions that were unique to each service line and leverage a single common architecture for the 80% of security, consistent workflows, demographics, payer codes, etc. that were common to all service lines. Of course, this architecture was not without its own pitfalls and challenges, which will be outlined as well.
As we grow, there will be opportunities to think about additional services such as Eligibility Verification, Claim Status, Predictive Dialing, Letter Processing, Propensity to Pay, etc., in a more centralized and consumable fashion. We will delve deeper into one example.

Day 1 @ 4:15 PM

John Cheng

Lead Software Engineer
Use Azure Function – the Nano service, for quick development and loose coupling.

In this presentation. I will introduce the Azure Function and it’s best practice. I will compare the severless framework with Microservice, and provide a demo to show the simplicity and lightweight of Azure Function.

Day 2 @ 09:00 AM

Erica Franko

Principal, Bus Health Solutions
How reviewing Revenue Cycle processes can identify areas ripe for innovation

This presentation will focus on the ways in which we can partner across the organization to how understanding process and business issues can help bring innovative solutions to nThrive and our client partners. We will focus on asking the right questions: How do we innovate the solution to the problem, not just our solution? How do we fundamentally change the process, rather than develop a solution that fits the current state?

Day 2 @ 09:00 AM

Stephen Lafleur

Architect, Software Configuration Management
Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy is a deployment automation tool being rolled out for all products over the next year. One key feature involves installing Octopus agents on each server of an environment, allowing applications to be deployed to multiple servers at once, greatly reducing deployment time. Stephen will be giving an overview of the tool, how it will integrate with our existing infrastructure and processes, and what development teams can expect when their product migrates to Octopus Deploy.

Day 2 @ 09:45 AM

Lei Wu and Zhe Hu

Software Architect
nQuire - nThrive Chatbot Technology

The key to increase sales and customer loyalty is by improving our customer’s experience.

Using chatbot technology, nThrive can build a deeper relationship with customers by allowing them to easily interact with us through stimulated conversations.

Customers want immediate response to their questions. They want to be empowered to handle challenges on their own until they’re run into a road block. Only then will they require assistance from a real live person.

With that in mind, we built nQuire to handle simple tasks and routines such as guiding users how to perform a function in the step-by-step process. With nQuire’s help we can build a 24x7 customer support model.

This will allow our support organization to focus on more complex questions that need serious analysis.
As more and more healthcare companies are using Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Mobile and AI technologies, let us show you how nQuire use the same technologies to help our customers.

Day 2 @ 09:45 AM

Russell Durham

Sr Software Engineer
Bridging the divide between a legacy windows app to a new web application

With most of nThrive's products being built on web based technologies Claims Management is one of the few remaining desktop applications in our catalog. While this in itself is not a bad thing, recent initiatives such as the move to TLS 1.2 and migrating .net frameworks we have had to spend significant effort overcoming challenges we wouldn't have had to if we were a web based application.

So how do you go about migrating a legacy desktop application with a custom built UI framework, years of features and over a million lines of code? One slice at a time. In this talk I'll discuss some of the first steps we could take in migrating from a winforms application to a web application and how it could be done in a way that continues to add value for our clients

Day 2 @ 10:30 AM

Kalyan Das/Chris Brown

SW Architect & SW Engineer
PAS Command Center

We created PAS command center in 2 iteration to support the migration for Care Pricer Legacy Clients. Come and see, how we saved 10 days of implementation time in just click of a button in IMP Wizard. Of course there are more, Hl7 simulator tool, to cut down the hl7 implantation time from at least week to a day. The Command Center is also pioneer of some technologies that we introduced in Nthrive.

Day 2 @ 10:30 AM

Vishnu Galigekere, Davis Gregory, Radhika Mandava

Data Scientist & Software Engineer & Manager, Software Development
Leveraging Machine Learning algorithms to address a business question: Can Patient Centric Service Creation make a difference to Estimates Provided?

Imagine being at a hospital with a sick family member, and having to worry more about the financial burden, rather than comforting your loved one?

Patient experience is the most important factor that determines the success of the Patient Access team at a hospital.

We will be presenting our findings based on the research in an attempt to answer a question, Will Patient Centric Service Creation make a difference? Does it make a difference to the patients we serve, the clients who use our products, or to nThrive the company we work for. Our goal is to make a difference in a positive manner.

In CarePricer, accuracy of estimates is key for patient experience. How can we ensure our product continues to make a difference, when patients make key decisions in their lives based on the estimates we provide? Our service creation process has been a differentiator in the market for years, but our competitors’ are soon bridging this gap. How do we keep up with that edge in the market?

Our solution is to generate Patient Centric Services. Working with historical data already available in-house, we would like to leverage Machine Learning algorithms and patient attributes, to arrive at patient centric services. This enables us to create more accurate estimates and catered to the patient being served. This proof of concept is a modest attempt to answer some of these questions. Combining a business proposal with Data Driven Science, we hope to arrive at a positive conclusion.

Day 2 @ 11:15 AM

James Krolczyk

Lead SW Quality Automation Eng.
Overview / Concept of Continuous Integration for Automation Testing

I will be presenting an Overview and Concept of what Continuous Integration is. Continuous Integration is a process that has been in place for many years. I will point out the part where manual testing is performed as well as unit and automation testing. A part of Continuous Integration there is a missing component in the stage of being added that is called Continuous Testing. CT is often misunderstood as CI for Dev/QA folks. A current diagram of the CI process flow will be presented and the Automation testing points further described for product teams to understand and use for future testing purposes.

Day 2 @ 11:15 AM

Vin Bhat

Lead Software Engineer
Innovations with HoloLens Mixed Reality Apps

Discovering new paths for Healthcare with Mixed Reality technologies and solutions.

Mixed Reality technology will be a game changer in the near future.

In this presentation, I will cover what Mixed Reality is, how Microsoft HoloLens helps, and the fundamentals of app development for the HoloLens.

Mixed Reality apps help to discover new paths for healthcare. For example, envision a surgery before it starts, or a hospital before it’s built.
It can transform medical imaging, like CT scans, into 3D models. Multiple stakeholders can collaborate in 3D in new ways, delivering better outcomes for patients.

It also opens a new world of opportunities for business applications expanding the capability of current and new products that enhance our product line.

Day 2 @ 1:00 PM

Eddie Young

Lead Software Engineer
Push Notification with .Net Core

Explore the world of push messaging to achieve real-time server to client responses, using .Net Core.

Day 2 @ 1:00 PM

Taylor Bynum

Product Manager
Client Insurance Master - From conception to product roadmap

Few areas of the revenue cycle can have a bigger impact on the patient to payment cycle than choosing the correct payer. Contract terms, patient out of pocket cost, editing, and many other variables are determined by which payer selected. Therefore, maintaining accurate and consistent payer information across technologies is crucial for both quick and accurate payment, gauging performance analytics, and executing service delivery.

As nThrive continues its quest in revolutionizing the patient to payment delivery model, it is even more crucial for our technologies to share payer configuration and data so we can make smarter and more efficient decisions. In addition, as we look to drive down support costs, moving payer configuration support as a client self-service option could save thousands of hours and dollars in support costs every year.

The ideal solution to this problem is to build a central repository that both technologies, services, and eventually clients can plug into. The repository provides a one stop shop for insurance configuration, service best practices and data monitoring and trending. Learn how Payer Nucleus can drive nThrive’s success as we continue to grow our P2P model.

Day 2 @ 1:45 PM

Jon Freeman & Kevin Smith

Sr Sw Architect & VP Product Management
Building nThrive's first customer facing, 100% Azure Cloud PaaS Application

Faced with a changing hospital patient accounting system landscape and heavy legacy technology investments, CDM Master had to make a dramatic change in direction to survive in our market beyond 2017. Learn how we went from being the oldest ship-in-the-fleet, to now touting some of the newest technology and development processes. Come see how our reorganized team is actively building nThrive's first customer-facing, 100% Azure Cloud-based, 100% Platform-as-a-Service product offering. We'll be discussing and demoing many of Azure's newest features like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Function Apps, Azure Search, Azure Service Bus, and even some helpful lessons in navigating our IT organization. Finally, we'll wrap up with a segment on little-known Azure limitations - so you won't have to experience them on your own!

Day 2 @ 1:45 PM