Welcome to Tech Day 2018

Thank you for making Tech Day 2018 one of the best events we've put on yet. 

2018 Tech Day Winning Presentations

1st Place Contract Loading Service – Type Cloud Library
by Charles Hough, Jackie Simpson, and Xin Hu
2nd Place The Most Interesting Tech We Don’t Use at nThrive 
by Jon Freeman
3rd Place Bringing Water to the Horse – Changing the Learning Paradigm 
by Jacquie Czitrom, Jit Sivalogan, Kim Gallagher, and Ron Gardner

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WHAT IS Tech Day?
Tech Day is an nThrive-sponsored event to stretch what is possible through innovation and hard work. Drawing on presenters from across nThrive, we hope to showcase and highlight how empowering people can solve the difficult problems in health care.  Joel Hackney (CEO), Sloan Clardy (President of Technology Solutions), and Bernard Gay (CIO) will be speaking about what innovation means at nThrive.

Click here to watch our "What does Innovation mean to You?" video

HOW CAN you help?
We need volunteers to do the following:
1. Present topics
2. Serve as room monitors and presentation time aides.
3. Help refine topics and presentation.
nThrive is stepping up to help us create innovative products and solutions.